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Specifications Origin: Australia a2 platinum premium stage 1 infant formula (6x900g) a2 platinum premium stage 2 follow-on formula (6x900g) a2 platinum premium stage 3 toddler milk drink (6x900g)


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Specifications Origin: Germany Aptamil Pre EAN number: 4008976022350 (4x800g)


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Specifications Origin: Germany Beba pro pre (800gx6) Beba pro 1 (800gx6) Beba pro 2 (800gx6) Beba pro 3 (800gx6)v

Bebelac Infant Milk Formula

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In the first few months of life your baby relies on his milk for all the nutrients needed to grow and develop every part of his little body. If you are unable to breastfeed, Bebelac Infant Milk Formula with Preci Nutri gives your baby the nutrients needed for a healthy growth and development. The nutrient levels in Bebelac Infant Milk Formula comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Cheddar Cheese

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Our Cheese is 100% verified and marketable with certification of HACCP, ISO Certificate and also according to the Islamic requirements (HALAL). Products Fresh Mozzarella, Cheddar Cheese Grade A, AA Shelf Life 24 Months must be stored at – 4 Degrees Celsius. Product Origin Netherlands/ Italy Shape Block Color White to whitely yellowish Moisture 45 – 50% Fat on Dry Basis 30 – 44.5%  

Cow & Gate

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Specifications Origin: UK Cow & Gate 1 (900 Grams) Cow & Gate 2 (900 Grams) Cow & Gate 3 (900 Grams)

Edam Cheese

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Fat Content (%): 45 MAX 100% made from cow’s milk General Specifications FINISHED PRODUCT ANALYSIS: A. Moisture 45 – 50% B. Fat on Dry Basis 30 – 44.5% C. Salt 1.5 up to 2% D. pH 5.1 5.4 E. Color Creamy White


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Specifications Origin: Canada & US Enfamil A Stage 1 900g Enfamil A Stage 2 900g Enfagrow A Stage 3 Growing Up Milk 900g Enfagrow A Stage 4 Original Growing Up Milk 900g Enfagrow A Stage 5 Original Growing Up Milk 900g

Fresh Farm Eggs

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The Eggs we export are processed under a full-fledged healthy environment and hygienic conditions with utmost care at our Packing station using the most sophisticated egg grading techniques from when they are procured from our farm units. This provides our clients with the best quality available. Each consignment of eggs is subjected to Bacteriological tests and is ratified to be free from any form of infection and fit for Human consumption.


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Specifications Origin: Netherlands Friso 1 (400 grams) Friso 2 (400 grams) Friso 3 (400 grams) Friso 4 (350 grams) Friso 5 (350 grams)

Gouda Cheese

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Rennet cheese ripened Gouda has a high nutritional value,high bio availability of the ingredients and the possibility of long-term storage. During the ripening of cheese ingredients are large changes as a consequence of the nature and quality of the cheese.

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