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Hereford Cattle


We sell cattle livestock – Pregnant Heifers – Angus – Hereford – Charolais – Limousin – Simmenthal – Hybrids



We sell cattle livestock – Pregnant Heifers – Angus – Hereford – Charolais – Limousin – Simmenthal – Hybrids

Healthy Pure breed Holstein Heifers

We offer pure breed animals

All our livestock animals are vet checked, certified and all 100% healthy .

We offer Boer Goats, Holstein heifers, Cows, Sheeps, Horse and Fowls .

All animals have been fed on high quality grains / grass.

Contact us now and enjoy our best and affordable prices .

Calving Periodperiod is soon , OCV Vaccinations ,

We also have;

Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle ,Fattening Beef Bulls ,Hereford , Charolais , Limousin , Belgian Blue, Aberdeen Angus
and Simmental beef cattles

Weight : 450 to 600 K.G
Pregnancy : 6 – 8 months
Milking Capacity : 30 and more litres per day
Age : 24 to 30 months
Certification: Pedigree,Veterinary Certificate
Packaging Detail: Packed In Cages or As per Customer’s Request

Fantastic batch of Incalf heifers for sale in after they have been scanned. All A.I sired and incalf to A.I. Ideal for an expanding herd or a new dairy set up.
heifer calves. Pedigree Registered & Classified herd.

1. Herd Details

Total Herd Size: 240
Breed: Holstein Friesian


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Dorper Sheep

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Description Large breeding mutton merino Ram for sale. approx. 100kgs. about 3 years old. excellent for breeding purposes. will often sire twins with ewes I’ve got 31 castrated males (kapaters). R45 per kg live weight. 6 are 30kg 7 are 35kg 3 are 45kg 10 are 55kg 5 are 60kg I’ve also got 2 billies that are 40kg at R48 per kg As well as 1 female @ R1900 The Dorper is a South African breed of domestic sheep developed by crossing Dorset Horn and the Blackhead Persian sheep. Wikipedia Scientific name: Ovis aries Higher classification: Sheep Rank: Breed Face color: Black

Common Ostrich Chicks

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Description All ostrich chicks comes with health papers. Our eggs are tested and guaranteed through a candling exercise. Our hatching rate of eggs is 100 percent.

Boer Goat

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Description The Boer goat is a breed of goat developed in Germany in the early 1900s for meat production. Their name is derived from the Dutch word “boer”, meaning farmer. The Boer goat was probably bred from the indigenous goats (they originated from Gemany ) of the Namaqua Bushmen and the Fooku tribes, with some crossing of Indian and European bloodlines being possible. top quality live goats . -all weights can be arranged. -we can supply any required quantity. -competitive prices. -all relevant certificates available. -shipping is done through land, sea & air is available in very reasonable prices.

Broiler Chicks

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Description On demand, after veterinarian consultation and vaccine selection, we carry out the full set of vaccinations in our company. We also help and advice our breeders during bringing up the herd. Our skills and specialists’ knowledge in this field help you achieve the best breeding results.

Simmental Cattle

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Description We are the largest beef livestock exporter and wholesaler company in Germany , giving service for the biggest fattening farms and food companies – retailers, producers and manufacturers in Europe and worldwide. We can offer the following; •Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle •Fattening Beef Bulls •Hereford •Charolais •Limousin •Belgian Blue •Aberdeen Angus •Simmental beef cattles

Saanen Goat

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Description Top quality Live Goats .We supply Bucks/Does/Kids/Pregnant Goats/Boer goat semen -Regularly vaccinated, wormed and feet trimmed, -All weights can be arranged. -We can supply 1500 permonth or customers required quantity. -All relevant certificates available. -Weight ;: 60 to 90 pounds -Ages : 4 to 16 months old -Packed In Cages or As per Customer’s Request

Blank Agnus Cattle

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Description Breed: Aberdeen Angus Origin: Home grown Age: 15 months old as of mid October Est. Weight: Average 1,200 lbs. Birth-Weight:72 lbs. Frame: Medium Condition: Moderate Flesh Horns:Polled Vaccinations: Ivomec, MultiMin, & 8-Way Fertility: Will Guarantee Fertile Pasture/Feed: Beef Builder, hay, & pasture

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